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Can I use my board right away?

  • Although each board is submerged in food-grade mineral oil before shipping, we suggest properly seasoning your board before use. 

How do I properly season my board?

  • Allow your board to acclimate to your climate by placing it where you plan to use it most. Simply coat all sides of your board with Bogan's Board Oil and let sit for a bit (overnight would be best). Buff away any access oil with a clean dry cloth. Repeat every few days for the first month. You'll know it's properly seasoned when water beads off your board. Regular use of Bogan’s Board Oil and Bogan’s Board Butter will also increase the life of your board and keep it looking fresh.  

What is the difference between Bogan’s Board Oil and Bogan’s Board Butter?

  • Both contain just 3 simple ingredients: Food-Grade Mineral Oil, Carnauba wax and Beeswax. Let me know if you’re interested in Coconut Oil substitute. 
    • Bogan’s Board Oil: Heavy on oil and light on waxes. Ideal for seasoning a new board. Helps remove water stains on wooden furniture as well.
    • Bogan’s Board Butter: Heavy on waxes and light on oil. Lasts longer than oil and is amazing for keeping your board seasoned and looking new. Apply to any bare wooden furniture, utensils to make it look new again. A little goes a long way. 

How do I clean my board?

  • Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth after every use. Avoid using any chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Do not submerge in water.

Are your boards dishwasher safe?

  • These boards are NOT dishwasher safe. It is not recommended to place any wooden utensil, pots with wooden handles, or other wooden cutting boards in your dishwasher. To properly wash your board, see FAQ “How do I clean my board?”

Do I need to disinfect my board?

  • Teak is naturally resistant to bacteria. However, it is suggested to conduct a natural cleaning a few times a year (depending on how often you use your board).
    • Create a watery paste consisting of lemon juice and salt and rub the mixture onto the surface of the board with your hands. The salt will exfoliate your board (bonus: and hands) removing any caked-on debris while the lemon juice helps condition and eliminate any foul onion or garlic smells (if any).  Wipe clean and reapply Bogan’s Board Oil to re-season your board.

What is the difference between End-Grain and an Edge-Grain board?

  • End-Grain is the grain of wood seen when it is cut across the growth rings. Think of it as looking down at a tree stump.
  • Edge-Grain is the grain of wood seen when it is cut in parallel with the growth rings. Think of it as looking straight at a tree.
  • Compared to Edge-Grain boards, End-Grain boards…
    • retains less moisture
    • lasts longer
    • more durable
    • easier on your knives
    • more resistant to cuts and gouges
    • more pleasing to the eye

      Can I cut meat on my board?

      • Yes, you can place cooked and cured meat on your board. However, it is highly recommended to not place any ‘raw’ poultry, pork or red meat on a wooden cutting board. 

      Does anything stain the board?

      • Fruits or vegetables with deep colors can stain any wooden cutting board if not wiped clean after use. (ie strawberries, raspberries, beets, etc). If staining occurs, simply clean board and condition following the steps above. See FAQ “How do I properly season my board?” Continue to oil your board and over time, the stain will be lifted. For faster results, (if absolutely necessary… last resort) allow your board to dry out by wiping with a cloth dampened with white vinegar. Allow to dry overnight. Sand down the entire surface with 220 sandpaper to remove the stain. Reapply oil and fully season board (see steps above) before next use.

      Are these products made from organic materials?

      • Each board is made from Teak which comes from a sustainable Teak plantation. The type of glue used is Titebond III (FDA approved for indirect food contact). The feet are 100% rubber which are held in place by stainless steel screws. The handles (if applicable) are made of zinc-alloy with Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish. Each board is submerged in Food-Grade mineral oil before shipping.

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